A collaboration between 300 Club member John Grady and Jean-Yves Chouinard, has made possible the reproduction of some small parts that may be of interest.
Revised April 3, 2018

The plastic quarter window rollers for 2 dr. HT and Convertibles 60-64 C body cars, like our 300. These may fit other years too. Sometimes they break or just go missing. They are precision made by CNC of Delrin plastic and fit is perfect. Can be bought as a kit of 4 ($60) or in single units.($20). These are essential for proper operation of your quarter glass. It will work right!

Rebuild service on the plastic push button heater switch. I can fix your 1959-1966 plastic heater switch, A/C and non A/C. I replace the cams inside with new ones and replace broken port nipples with brass ones. Typical cost is $85.00.

Replacement headlight adjusting nuts, made out of CNC machine brass. Originals were plastic and are sometimes cracked and/or have stripped threads. These nuts are fairly easy to replace, all you need is a good pair of pliers to bend out the tabs to remove the original nut. They come in a kit of 8 for $28.00.
We can restore your complete headlight assembly too, with zinc plated buckets and hardware etc. It will look great and will outlast the car!


Choke pots for ram cars! Beautiful reproduction of 1960-61 ram cars choke pots in stainless steel, comes with red powder coated metal hold down clamp. $70.00/pair or $35.00 each plus $6.00 shipping.

Power window gear box rebuilding service Brass gear for PW gear box available for do it yourself guys, $100 each.
Rebuild gearbox (not motor) with new gear $200 each.

1960 Chrysler Wiper Washer Repair Kit Windshield washer switch rebuild kit. Includes new black center button, instructions. Specify vacuum (60) or electric (61, 62, maybe more). $35
Windshield washer switch conversion or repair kit for 300F. Adds a V3 microswitch to control an electric washer pump, bracket, button, and new pump switch, plus button repair parts above. $50
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Door handle repair kit for C and D, probably E. New return spring, special shoulder bolts, special washers, (two sizes of rivets were used, this kit works on both designs). Allows disassembly for re-chrome. No more flopping door handles. $75 each.

New heat riser elbows for 60-62 Ram cars. 10 mm thicker flanges to prevent cracks or fractures. Beautifully machined, ductile material, longer slots. $225 a pair. Limited quantity, will NOT be made again.

300C 300D (300E?) Hood Safety Catch We now have a kit that adds a hook type catch to the 300 CD hood (it may also fit the E). This is a great way to add protection to your original hood latch. Our second catch is two machined plates and a hood spring hook added to existing bolts. The stock 300 catch is retained as is. The new catch is positioned off to one side and no drilling is required to install. You pop the hood to the first click, reach under and free the added safety catch. $175 each plus shipping. Click here for more information.

300C 300D 300E Hood Springs, New We have new hood springs for 300C, D, and E made with larger diameter spring wire for more strength. These new springs will generally solve issues of a hood failing to stay up. Remove and replace springs by inserting multiple shims into a stretched spring. Click here for installation hints (best done as a two person job.) $175 a pair plus shipping.

G, H, J Wheel Cover Spinners. Fits other years too, such as disc brake wheel covers from 1966. These spinners are brand new, high quality parts. $70/each plus freight. Add a new center medallion from the Club Store and you are all set. Contact John Grady at email: jkg@gradyresearch.com

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