Niels Hansen's 1961 300G
Restoration in Germany

Hi Group,
This is Niels from northern Germany.
We are restoring my 300G HTC. After removing all the paint we were standing in front of an unbelievable complete rust free and healthy body. My workshop owner, an older man with experience of more than 30 years in collector car restorations stated that the body of this car must be the very best un-restored Letter car all over the world. OK, perhaps one of the best I think.
To see the car in a condition like this makes me very happy. Again: Unbelievable!!! As the seller from Belgium said last year: A car like a rock!! Yes pascal, that's true!!
Some explanation for the great condition: The car has been in France, (I do not know as a new car or imported from the US) and it showed up some years in a shopping window of a Chrysler dealer in the Netherlands. It was then sold to Belgium. There it was running some years during summer time. The car has just about 57,000 original miles on the clock.
VIN is 8413110542. Perhaps somebody knows where the car was delivered to?
I will send you some pictures of the restored car in spring 2012.
Regards, Niels

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