Hubcap disassembly

  • First, flip the hubcap over.. you will notice three crimped-in "tabs" around the perimeter of the "dome" . Grab a pair of pliers and uncrimp them some... not too much, just a bit .

  • Then, place the hubcap assembly in a press . Locate it on two pieces of wood so as not to mar the hubcap shell. Find a suitable object the size of the inside of the dome ... and place it in the dome. The press will be pushing against it.

    Here's a view of the press ready to do its thing:

  • And here's the result: the gear and dome both have been "popped out" of the hubcap !

    Please note : if you do not bend back the three tabs at the back of the shell, you risk bending the hubcap shell while pressing the dome out !

    The next challenge - and the worst part - separating the "dome" from the "gear " ...

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