03/06/2012 revised 02/22/16

"How I Do It"
Turn Signal Cancel Switch Repair on
Non-Tilt Steering Wheels 1963-66 Chrysler
by Larry Jett

The turn signal switch has the crab-leg appendages that cancel the switch through steering wheel rotation. The photo below shows 2 switches. On the left switch you can see the crab legs are broken off; a common problem on these old parts. The other switch is an original switch with the crab legs intact. I bought a new replacement turn-signal switch from Martin Kolner of Arizona Parts (address below). This is his part number 190085(*see note at bottom of page). NOS parts are almost $300 but from Martin it is $70 plus $12 shipping. I think this part is correct for non-tilt steering wheels Mopar 1962-1966.

To replace the switch, you remove the steering wheel and horn ring, undo a thin bolt that attaches the turn signal wand, and remove a few screws. Cut the wires that exit the steering column down by your calf and pull out the old, broken switch.

Scotch tape the wire loom that is part of the new switch so as to compact the wire mass. Snake a wire up the steering column from the exit hole where the wires see daylight by your calf. Take the upper end of the snake wire and tape to the wire loom. Pull the snake wire down and out the column and your wire loom is now where it belongs.

It is easy to put the supplied wires into a new matrix holder (supplied) and snap into factory end. One of the wires in the loom is the horn wire. The only problem I found was that the instructions have two ways to configure the old to new wires but if you match the colors one to one it will work for you.
Larry Jett, Newark CA.

Arizona Parts, 320 E. Pebble Beach, Tempe, Arizona. 85282, Martin Kolner, 480-966-6683.
Email: mkolner14@hotmail.com

(*) Editor's note: Feb 2014. Last November I called Arizona Parts, was told the part number is 2496163, (the price now $73 with $12 to ship). I could not use it. The terminals were spade type, the originals are bullet type. Unwilling to cut off spades and solder on bullet terminals, I returned it and I bought a correct one on ebay.
(*) Editor's note: Feb 2016. Looking at turn signal switches on ebay, Old Car Parts NW (Renton, WA. 425-572-0764) lists a TS102 and a TS102E. The TS102 has bullet end terminals, TS102E has spade type. They say the early switch had spade ends and the later 63-66 has round ends.