"How I Do It"

A series of articles written by amateur restorers intended
to assist fellow amateur restorers.
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Wheel Cover Curb Rash
Exhaust Hanger Restoration
Home Made Dolly Wheels
Polishing scratches off the K console pieces
Temperature Gauge Correction
1960 Wiper Switch Repair
Save That Brake Adjuster Plate
1964 Arm Rest Cushions and Bases
Horn Problems 1960-62
Installation of door stars on the 300K
J Ram K Spark Plug Wires
Heater Valve Replacement
L Dashboard Replica
Remote Rear View Mirror Disassembly
KYB Shock Installation
Turn Signal Switch Replacement
Carpet Installation 300L
Exhaust Manifold Paint
Flushing Coolant
300L Distributor Restoration
Determine Differential Ratio
Releasing the transmission selector cable on Chrysler pushbutton transmissions
Hood Spring Replacement
License Plate Painting
Engine Storage & Transport Cradle
Paint Better with Alcohol
Before and After
Repair of the dashboard clock
Leak Detection
Windshield Washer Pump Repair 1957 era.
1965 - 66 Door Hinge "keeper" Repair
Sure Grip Spacer Pin
Window Crank Handle and Door Handle Removal Tool

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