300L Coupe Trunk

Thanks to Don Warnaar for this information.

Don bought this L new and has kept the car as original as possible.
The trunk compartment is factory original.

The standard tire was a 8.55 X 14 Blackwall with optional 8.55 X 14 Whitewall
or 9.00 X 14 Whitewall & Blackwall. The Whitewall width was 15/16".
A carpeted spare tire cover was not available.

The trunk side panels are black faced cardboard.
There is also a panel behind the rear seat in front of the crossmember.
The trunk carpeting is a close-knit black loop weave.

The carpet ends without a hold down strip at the edge of the trunk and is stapled in place.

View of back-up lamp/taillight sockets on inside of rear panel,
and close-up view of carpet weave.

The jack is stored on the passenger side. A spring holds the jack tight for storage.

The jack ratchet mechanism is painted in semi-gloss black enamel. The jack post is unpainted.

This shows how the rear of the jack is stored.

The spare tire is stored on a pedestal with the wheel wrench and jack base on top.
The jack base and wheel wrench are all painted in black semi-gloss enamel.

The trunk latch striker is painted body color.

The latch itself is unpainted.

The jack instruction sheet is located on the underside of the trunk lid.

The jack instructions.

The trunk light switch is located on the driver's side trunk lip.

This picture shows the trunk light location.