Chrysler 300 Trunk Reference Page

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1955 C300 1956 300B 1957 300C
1958 300D 1959 300E 1960 300F
1961 300G 1962 300H 1963 300J
1964 300K 1965 300L 1970 300 Hurst

Guidelines for Trunk project

An open trunk general photo

General photo showing jack instruction location

General photo showing tire hold down and tool locations

Close ups of deck lid, weatherstrip, carpet/mat, each side panel, jack instructions, spare tire, spare tire cover, tools and trunk light, power antenna.

Additional shots could include lock/key and wheel chock.

A narrative to go with the photos to describe finishes, paint/sound deadener/sealant coverage.

Photos of convertible models:
Differences include (on some cars) trunk lid springs, cardboard liners, spare tire location.