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Issue 42 May 16, 2019
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From Texas

What if there were no
hypothetical questions?
The Dallas meet was a great success. Although the weather was predicted to be sour, most of it missed us and a good time was had by all. Look for the event report to be issued in a few weeks. The left side bar has some Texas photos. If you have some to share, feel free to send them in.
Our next meet is will be in late July. We will be in Minnesota and our meet will be in conjunction with the seventh annual 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance. We will have our normal schedule of activities and our usual car show on Saturday. If you want to stay for Sunday you can join in with the Concours d'Elegance where some of the best collector automobiles, watercraft and motorcycles will be displayed. Keep an eye on the list server and the next edition of the ENews for more details.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see.
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Club Events

Our Next Meet:
Summer 2019: 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2019. July 24 - 28 in Minnesota. The host hotel is the Minneapolis Marriott West, 9960 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426. You can call 888.887.1685 and request the 2019 Chrysler 300 meet group rate or use this link. Last day for reservations is July 3.

Future Meets:
2020: Some ideas are underway for a spring meet in South Carolina and a fall meet in Michigan.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
Alvin Harrell has some thoughts on
Why the 1979 Chrysler 300 Is The Best Ever
Click here to read more.
Tech Articles

Freshening the H #5

Video (13:45)
We take a look at the difference in fuel pumps and fuel lines. The front console cover is repaired and installed. Work on the passenger side door, the cat whisker, the power window motor brace, general lube and reassembly.
Freshening the H #6

Video (13:09)
In this edition we flush the brake system, take it for the first drive, look at the rear view mirrors old -- odd -- and new.
Don Verity writes: If you like the master tech articles from Chrysler, this site has all the
tech articles from 1947 – 1978.
If you are missing your delta wing air filter housing on your 55 or your B, and don't want to pay the price for a fiberglass repop, there is an easy answer: the "football" shaped housings used on the D, E, and H will fit. Click here for a video.

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner
Burgers with Burt #1

Video {19:18}
Noel Hastalis writes:
Here is a fresh video of my
300-F coupe by Lou Costabile

Video {22:48}
Burgers with Burt #2

Video {19:12}
Did You Know?
The steering wheel centers are the same F & G
but different on the 62. See here.
As far as I know they have never been repopped -- --
if anyone has a source, give a shout.
Members Say

Jamie Hyde writes:
Ever wonder what is inside a SureGrip differential? Here is a picture of mine at Don Verity's work shop as he prepares to rebuild it. That assembly at 12:00 is the clutch pack for the limited slip -- the brains of the mechanism.

There was a conversation over the list server regarding the low-miles G in Nebraska and Bill Miller writes:
Mr. Linder marched to a different drummer. The dealership was in downtown Holdrege, Nebraska. He had a main drag corner: large showroom in front, then parts, then shop, then storage, then used car lot clear to the next street north.
The showroom held new and used cars. In 1962 there was a new 62 sport Fury convertible, the 61 300G coupe, Imperials of various years and other cars. There was a curtained off area that held the Town and Country that Terry Hoeman got.
After he died everything was sold off. The 300G had 250 miles on it, The 62 Sport Fury had around 50 as I remember. Imperial Heaven, Bob Hoffmeister, got a lot of his inventory from Linders.
One time I stopped to look, was taking pictures and trying not to drool on the 300's leather. He came over and asked if I liked it? YES! Then he asked what I was driving. I had my first new car, a 61 Valiant V200, 4door. He asked what I had paid for it, around $2300.
He said if you like the 300 I will give you what you paid for the Valiant as trade. One problem, no way I could up with $4000 plus for the difference. Had to pass.
Many years later I got a 64 300K convertible. Too old now to get up and down to work on cars (82) plus the same old problem. Not enough money.
So, If anyone is interested in a 300K conv. let me know - it is for sale.
Bill Miller, Phillipsburg, KS

Don Verity writes:
I am finally getting to work on my 300E engine.

Ron Kurtz writes:
The restoration of E #292 continues with the completion of the fuel system. The carbs once rode on a '64 K engine after the timing chain spun on the original engine in 1967, hence the turquoise paint on the manifold. The original carbs were rebuilt by Jim McGowan (extraordinary work). All linkage was wire brushed, polished and coated with clear coat. Gaskets were purchased from Rockauto (order those listed for a New Yorker as those specified for the 300 don't fit the manifold side of the carbs. Fuel tank (from Vans) and the top end of the filler tube were treated with gas tank sealer (not the end that goes into the tank to provide a smoother surface for the seal). All hanger hardware is original to the car.

Chuck Schoendorf writes:
This is a foto of my '52 Saratoga Club Coupe beside the 300B
of Randy Nonnenberg, after both cars completed
the Copperstate 1000 rally in AZ yesterday.
Randy just bought the B last month in CA. Very nice car.
Both cars ran perfectly.

Randy Nonnenberg writes:
Dad and I just got back from the Copperstate 1000 where
we ran our new 300B to the Grand Canyon and
won the Immaculate Presentation Award as
voted by the participants.
Great car. Thanks for accepting me into the club!

Jari Turunen writes from Finland;
This is from the Tampere Hot Rod & Rock Show 2 weeks ago in Finland. The F, G and H are in extreme show condition. All were black and 2 of them with red interior.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

John Grady writes:
We have a new web site You can find information there on our products and services such as door handle repair, hood springs, heater switch repair, choke pots and more. We think you will find our site easy to use and ask for your suggestions for anything we can do for further improvement.

New correct reproductions of the positive and negative battery cables used on 1960 –1964 Chrysler products are available from Quirey Quality Design Co. You won't find a better set of cables anywhere. The battery terminal ends have the right shape, taper, bolt and nut as well as the unique pinch clamp so that you can't over tighten the terminal. The cables are free of any printing as per the originals. The positive cable has the proper solenoid wire, fibre loom and sheath. Connections are crimped and soldered. A set retails for $155 plus shipping. Click here for more information.

At the Texas meet John Begian reported that the power steering pressure hose for the 1960 - 1964 is progressing well. This will be an accurate copy of the original. Look for updates in future issues of the news.
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Texas Speedway Cars", "Texas Speedway Garage", or "300C At Texas." The first puzzle is difficult, the second less so, the third is of normal challenge.
Well I Never
Jon Dega of Rare Classic Restorations writes:
I am an automotive restorer for The Kim & Stephen Bruno Collection. We recently acquired 300B 3N56 1171, a very unique car as it was either bodied or re-bodied in Italy by Carrozzeria Boano. Mario Boano, formerly of Ghia, was responsible for the Ghia bodied Chrysler show cars of the early 1950's. This is the only Chrysler that he did the coachwork for under the Bonano concern. We are currently performing a complete forensic concours restoration on it for Debut at this year's Pebble Beach Concours.  
 As part of any restoration I try and find out as much about the cars history as possible and that of the cars owners also. One of the biggest questions I have is; was a complete Chrysler 300B sent to Italy or just a chassis? Even though the car has a completely different hand built body there are too many Chrysler parts on the car for me to think that just a chassis was sent over. The body is welded to frame but still retains a  stamped firewall and floor pan, the dash although completely different has all of the 300B gauges, knobs, switches and radio. It has the Chrysler power window motors, exterior door handles and even what appears to be the original 300B trunk hinges. Also the engine compartment was originally finished in a light blue color, maybe from the original 300B?

We invite anyone with information on this car to reply to Jon.

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