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Issue 36 April 3, 2018
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Club Events

Our Next Meet:
Spring 2018: May 14-17, 2018 in Rohnert Park, CA, hosted by Sam Cohen & Larry Jett. Click here for more information. Click here for the registration form.
Future Meets:
Fall 2018: September 9-13, 2018 in Newport, RI, hosted by Michael Falcone. Future newsletters will have details.
2019: Available.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Tech Articles

Click here for a 1961 service bulletin
for servicing the electric antenna.

Brake System Leak

Video (2:50)Private I need to change

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner
Burgers with Burt

Third Episode

Private I need to change This is the third video in a series of "Burgers with Burt". Burt discussed the air conditioning in 1957, the snorkel solution, development of the 1957 model, how to handle a disgruntled customer and part of a story on Carl Kiekhaefer.
Burgers with Burt

Fourth Episode

Private I need to change This is the fourth video in a series of "Burgers with Burt". Burt tells the rest of the story about Carl Kiekhaefer, Buck Baker, running NASCAR at Bristol, a few words about Richard Petty. He tells how they built the short ram 300Fs and special order cars.
Members Say

Jeff Miklas writes:
Here is a photo that might make a great puzzle. To solve it completely though, you must identify all the people (not that hard) and the meet date (harder).

Ron Kurtz writes:
Here is the next restoration installment on my E #292. The axle bearings and races are in good shape and did not need to be replaced. There was some spalling of parts in the differential itself which were replaced. The differential and axle housing was in good shape with no stripped threads. Don Verity did the rebuild work.

Bill Allen writes:
The last issue of ENews reminded me that some folks might be interested in this picture from the Feb 10, 2018 Daytona Beach Newspaper. Expand it a bit and you can see smile on her face as crowd yelled out "Vickie". She was proudly wearing the tee shirt from Tony's event in PA where she was Grand Marshall and still talking proudly about that event. They allowed us to run the original beach race course when I installed magnetic numbers and Tim Flock's name on the roof.
At age 99 Vickie Wood is still sharp as a tack. When she noticed that the shifter was on the dash like when she raced a Chrysler 300 in 1955 I asked if she liked the push buttons in 1956. She said no because the Kiekaefer Chrysler 300B she drove had a manual 3 speed on the column!!

John Holst writes:
If anyone is looking for a replacement rubber blade for the brutes I found this at the local parts store. It is just the rubber sweep blade (ANCO U-16R). You would re-use all the stainless steel parts from your car intact. Just remove the clip at the end of the sweep and slip the replacement into the guides and replace the clip. Nothing special except remember how the blade came out.

Don Verity writes:
Box. Box. What is in the box? I had a spare steering box from a 56 Imperial. I've never worked on this style before and was looking for an opportunity to take it apart. If you are interested in the parts and pieces, click here.

Lee Kachel writes:
My father, Stanley A Kachel, Colonel, USAF (Ret.), passed away on February 16, 2018. He was a member of your Chrysler 300 Club. Dad was 93 years old. I wanted to let you know.

Noel Hastalis writes:
FYI - Feature article in today's "Hemmings Daily" is on the iconic Cunningham automobiles. Our fellow 300 Club member, Chuck Schoendorf, noted in this article, has assembled a historic group of Cunnigham's that will be displayed at the Greenwich, CT Concours, June 1-3, 2018. For those of you in the area, I'm sure this will be a unique and memorable opportunity to view these classics, and discuss their history, visiting with Chuck. Those of you who attended last year's Geneva, NY Spring Meet met Chuck, and admired his wonderful Platinum '55 C-300.

From Sweden,
Johnny Hansson writes:
Here are photos of my
62 Sport and of the 413.

Timo Tanskanen writes:
Most of you know that I've been producing new windshields for 1955-1964 Chrysler Corp. convertible & hardtop passenger cars for over 20 years now and that the overall quality of these is generally considered a lot better than any others out there.
I now also reproduce new rear windows for 1957-1959 2dr Hardtops (Coupes) in laminated safety glass, just like windshields, and these too fit & look better than OEM. Email: for more information. I also wish to thank all who have purchased my windshields and services in past 20+ years.
P.S. I'm not making any promises yet, but I might try to attend the fall meet in R.I. since I'm hoping/planning to drive my '32 Plymouth Roadster (built as a vintage Hot Rod with '52 DeSoto Hemi and all other running gear from same period) from California to N.Y./New England area in in September.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

(1) From a request (command) from Gloria, we have been working on the F, G, H console lid retaining strap. We are pleased to report this project is completed and these straps will be available for purchase at the spring meet.
(2) In another piece of good news, the sunvisors for the F coupe are now being manufactured by Legendary Interiors and will be available for purchase at the spring meet.
(3) We will also be reporting at the spring meet on the progress of other projects.

If you like picture puzzles, here are three of my favorites from the 2014 meet in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
Take your pick of "Noel's F", "The Gang", or "Bill Allen's 55."

When you are restoring an old Chrysler 300, sometimes you find yourself in the strangest places.
Henry A. Mitchell