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Issue 41 March 12, 2019
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It is time to make plans for the spring meet in Dallas. Click here for the list of activities. The deadline for hotel reservations and for our registration form is April 19.
Our fall meet will be early this year. We are having it July 24 - 28 in Minnesota. Our host is Randy Guyer. The dates are 7/24/2019-7/29/2019 if people stay for the Sunday 10,000 Lakes Concours, otherwise they may leave on Sunday the 28th. People who stay will be happy they did.
Our next newsletter will have information on the host hotel and on activities, or you can visit the events page of the club website.
Let us know what you'd like to see in this newsletter. Click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Our Next Meet:
Spring 2019: April 28 - May 2 in Dallas, Texas. Hosted by Rob Kern, our host hotel is the Best Western Plus Lewisville Coppell in Lewisville TX, a suburb of Dallas. Click here for more information. Click here for the registration form.
Deadline is April 19.
Fall 2019: 10,000 Lakes Concours d'Elegance 2019. July 24 - 29 in Excelsior, MN. We will have details soon.
2020: Available.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
The "Ronk K".
This is an 11 page web story of the restoration on a black K coupe from Ronkonkoma, NY. It is a fairly thorough project which not only covered chrome, paint, interior, body work, but also the conversion from an automatic transmission to a 4 speed manual.
Tech Articles

Freshening the H #3

Video (7:45)
Wrestling with the console ashtray. Doing it twice to do it correctly once.
Freshening the H #4

Video (15:24)
We look at the center console, address the driver's door mechanism, clean and install rear seats, change power steering hoses, and correct an error with the gasoline line.
Ten points to Paul Holmgren for his recent post. Paul came across another site that has factory service manuals available for free download. See
Ten points to Mike Rudig for his recent post. He found two useful videos on Chrysler brake service. Chrysler Master Tech - 1960, Volume 13-9 Brake System Service
Chrysler Master Tech - 1961, Volume 14-5 Total-Contact Brake Service Tips
Ten points to Noel Hastalis. He found a useful video on Chrysler swivel seat and power seat service. Chrysler Master Tech - 1959, Volume 12-2 Service Tips on Swivel & Power Seats

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Video Corner
Chrysler 300 Letter Cars 1955 B C D E F G H J K
on My Car Story with Lou Costabile & Noel Hastalis

Here is the 'My Car Story' video by Lou Costabile of
John Begian's 300-G convertible.

Members Say

Carl Bilter writes:
Work continues on the J detailing/fixes. Everything came off the engine smoothly but more problems surfaced. You might notice that the engine is listing towards the driver's side. Yep, the motor mount is shot. The passenger side mount is just starting to crack so I will add new motor mounts to the list (or send them to Then & Now). I'm sure it didn't help that the guy who put this car back together forgot to install the motor mount heat shields!
The G long rams are off. The short rams are getting prepped and one is at the welders getting fixed because somebody chewed up the choke well trying to remove a broken bolt. It needs welding before it will accept a helicoil for the bolt on the block-off plate. The G exhaust manifolds will hopefully get replaced with proper headers. The headers I bought broke in transit. I have them with a welder now who has a lot of experience welding cast iron. He says he can fix them and I remain hopeful I can use them.
Any sane person would have walked away from this car at the auction back in 2004, but not me. I am a 300 nut. The only good thing mechanically, as it turned out, was that it had its original engine, carbs and transmission. When I got it, it barely ran or drove. The transmission was shot (rebuilt in '05). The wiring was messed up the wires to the ballast resistor were switched with the A/C resistor. That sent too much voltage to the ignition points and coil. The car had G long rams and exhaust manifolds. The header support brackets are gone. The A/C compressor was seized up and the A/C pulley was completely missing the clutch & coil. All the spark plug wire holders were missing. Spark plug wires literally broke when I removed them. Two of the A/C support brackets are missing. The cooling system was plugged with mud. The radiator leaked and was clogged (since recored). The oil pump was leaking badly, the brake system was shot, the front end was shot. The ball & trunnion and rear u joint were shot as I discovered at Elkhart Lake. Rear shocks, when I removed them, had zero resistance left. None of the interior or dash lights worked. The console light wires had been cut. The timing chain had over 1" of slop (replaced in '05). Just about everything else rebuilt or replaced. And this was advertised as a "restored" car! Lesson learned be careful at auctions!
So we've come a long way and keep working to get it right. Hoping things will be done for Minneapolis next year.

Dave Dumais writes:
I've been working on my K 4 speed. I decided to remove rust and recoat the rear springs.
Click here to see the progress.

Don Verity writes:
This is the G formerly of Burt Tyler. Burt was one of the early members of the club and was the first person from the club I met. It is good to see the car again. The new owner brought it to my shop for some work.

Jeff Miklas writes: I found this "57 Heaven" spiral notebook at the local $1 store. They were 3 for $1. Going through some old dealer inventory that I had purchased, I found a box of these matchbooks. Just thought you might like to see it.
Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight

Michael Burke writes:
I have several sets of these heel plates from Sweden to sell. These are reproduction heel plates for 300F or G. Polished aluminum plates, new quality rubber inserts and galvanized under plates all as original. $425 a set plus $20 shipping. contact Michael Burke at or (517)-441-4140.

Mike Rudig writes:
I came across the gentlemen on Facebook who is reproducing trunk emblems for 61 Chryslers: See He says: "I'm making trunk emblems for 61 Chryslers, $100 for a blank clear lens, $125 for the silver, gold or tinted red lens. $150 for the 3 colour 300 lens. The LED light kit is $25. Makes for a cool 3rd brake light. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping from Vancouver BC. Email with any questions."
Ron Kurtz writes:
The restoration of E #292 continues. Here are before and after photos of the transmission and the emergency brake. I left the frame crossmember on the car as a resting point during the removal of the trans, tied a sling around the tail end and another just behind the bell housing and worked it out of the car using an engine hoist and a roller jack. The emergency brake was disassembled and parts inspected for wear. Rebuild of both was done by Don Verity.
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Coast to Coast", "Vicki Wood", or "Red Ram K."

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