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Good times
Issue 49 August 3, 2020
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Greg & Sue Leggatt hosted a Can-Am mini-300 meet in June of 1999

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Our September meet has been moved out 12 months.
Meet host John Begian writes: "While the country deals with the virus, several venues have not yet opened or are severely restricting attendance. The meet should be a place where we can get the cars out, talk and mingle in a safe environment. Unfortunately, we will have to wait another year for that. The 2020 Fall Meet has been rescheduled for 2021, the dates are tentatively Sept 15-19, 2021. 
On a positive note, this allows for additional car work to ensure your 300 is roadworthy to attend both the meets next year. Whether it is brakes, electrical or transmission, now is the time to get things fixed.   
The host hotel, Marriott Auburn Hills, will provide the same services and pricing that was negotiated for next year's meet. If you did reserve a room at the hotel for 2020, please contact the hotel directly to cancel at 248-253-9800. A new reservation link will be set up in the next few months for you to reserve rooms for 2021.
We are pleased to introduce a new column, the "Lefty-Lobstah Forum" by Larry Jett and Doug Mayer. The first edition appears below in the stories section.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. Your opinions are always welcome and you can click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Future Meets:
Spring 2021 : April 21 - 25, 2021 in Greenville, South Carolina. Hosted by Tom Cox and Jim Benson, our hotel will be the Greenville Marriott, One Parkway East, Greenville, SC 29645. Check back for details, event information, and schedules.
Fall 2021: September 15-21 (tentative) 2021 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, hosted by John Begian.  The host hotel will be the Auburn Hills Marriott, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac, MI 48341. Check back for details, event information, and schedules.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
The Lefty-Lobstah Forum
With one in California and one in Maine, the Lefty-Lobstah forum is a coast to coast discussion of life, letter cars, and news of the day. Join Larry Jett and Doug Mayer as they match wits and trade opinions. Click here for volume one.
My G's
by Dominick Rinaldi
Blasts From The Past
From newsletters of the 1970's, 80's and 90's, here are stories that haven't
seen the light of day for years and deserve another look.
A Story and Dreams of the 62 H

by Chellis Matz
Born Too Late

by Andy Mikonis
Hey Lefty
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Tech Articles

Do you have what it takes
to join the Fraternal Order of Dirt?

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Never punt
on first down.
If you think no one
cares you are alive,
try missing a few payments.
Relationships are a lot like algebra.
Have you ever looked at
your X and wondered Y?
Four out of three people
struggle with math.

Members Say

Jeff Miklas writes:
Oil pans. I bet you thought they were all the same.

Here are pictures of a B body HP pan, a 300H pan, and a 300L pan.
As you can see, the differences in the shape and dimensions are significant.

Dominick Rinaldi writes:
I was talking to Larry Jett the other day when looking for a "C" and in the conversation he brings up some of the crazy things he did when working for Chrysler and the various cars he got his hands on. That got me to thinking of my own crazy past. I had been part of Chrysler's racing program in the mid 60's until early 70's. I worked for what Chrysler called Dealer Enterprise where they let someone that wanted to be a dealer who did not have enough capital, to run a dealership but did have $40K to try it out. Chrysler had dependable people like myself that they would put in a dealership as Service Director overseeing parts and service so that someone would not bury the dealership in wrong ordered parts.
I got a call one day from Bill Wunder who was a field rep at White Plains Office. He had a customer at Chrysler Eastside that they could not keep happy because his '66 Charger with 426 Hemi would flatten out at 136 MPH. The car was delivered to the dealership and I had it for 3 weeks. I went through it completely. checking timing, carbs apart for float adjustments, dist curve etc. With 2 of my neighbors in the car I took it onto the newly opened RT 80 in NJ. I got off the throttle at 145 because my neighbors in the back seat had slunk down and I think were saying their prayers. I made 3 passes over a few nites time and it was a ride to remember.
The point I am making is that as young people you, me and Larry probably did a lot of things then that you would not even think about doing now. You work all your life to hopefully enjoy yourself and you don't stop to think about the possibility of getting sick. It doesn't matter how much money you have now or did not have when you were young. It seems that none of us looked that far into the future as to what our position in life could be in the elder years.

You may have noticed a post through the list server with a picture. Justin Iwinski writes:
Imgur is a free image hosting site... don't even need to register. I wouldn't put anything sensitive on there, but for stuff like this it's easy. Now, whether your email displays the link contents without a click probably depends on what email service you are using. It works good with hotmail.

Jim Bartuska writes:

I just found this radio tag in the glove box of my 300C that I have owned for 50 years.
Have you seen one of these before?

Carl Bilter writes:
I installed the new fuel lines on the J. I got these from Van's last year but they are no longer listed. I suspect they were sourced from Inline Tube. I was pleased that the carb-to-carb line fit well and is as close to factory correct as is practical. That piece might be the same as 1960-61. The pump to carb line - not so much. But by re-bending it some it worked. This is the 1964 setup. In '63 they located the fuel filter above the valve cover near the brass fuel block, which is not so safe. In '64 they relocated it down by the water pump. Safer in case of leaks. Also using a '64 (and up) fuel pump which is readily available. 1963 was the last year for the rebuildable style. They are reproduced now but expensive. I would just have the original rebuilt and may do so at some point.

Bob Jasinski writes:
Thanks all for the feedback on the sway bar bushings on my 300G.  I talked with the owner of Atlas parts (MoPar Mall) and he told me he has the bushings reproduced for him.  He also offers a split version (on one side) of the fronts, making it easier to install.  Evidently these same bushings were used on most ’61-’65 Mopars with sway bars.

Carl Bilter writes:
Some news for J,K, L owners in search of a thermal fan clutch that will fit and is designed for Chryslers. While the Club Store offers a short shaft non-thermal fan clutch that will fit well for A/C cars, a running change occurred during 1963 from a non-thermal to a thermal fan clutch on the 300J, K and L. It has been difficult to find a thermal fan clutch with a short shaft that will fit behind the radiator. Previously, with my old Mopar water pump, I was using a Hayden 2705 which just barely cleared the pilot hub of the water pump with the radiator installed. I recently installed a new water pump from Summit Racing that is 1/8” taller than the old pump, and the 2705 will no longer fit. In the past, some fellas have been using the Hayden 2765 which is a short shaft clutch designed for Jaguars. The problem is the 2765 is a light duty clutch designed to work with the plastic fan on a Jaguar. When used with a heavy steel Chrysler fan, it may fail prematurely. So the Mopar muscle car guys pleaded with Hayden to design a heavy duty clutch suitable for Mopar steel fans but with the short shaft of the 2765. Hayden complied, and we have the model 2947 heavy duty clutch. It is designed to be used with a fan blade pitch of at least 2.5 inches, which most of our 7 blade A/C fans have more-or-less. It has a ¾” pilot hole, but a reducer bushing is included to fit our 5/8” water pump hub. The first photo compares the old 2705 to the new 2947. The second photo shows the 2947 installed in the J with the radiator shroud removed. The only issue is the short shaft length of approximately 1” makes installing the bolts that hold the fan/clutch to the pulley/water pump a lot more difficult.

Did you know.....
You could get fender ornaments on your 300C? They were available direct from the factory or as a dealer dress-up item.
See this link for the full Chrysler catalog.

John Chesnutt writes
Hi Bob,
Thought you would like this article.
Several years ago Narve and his friend from Norway were attending the Portland Swap Meet which is always in April. Arlys and I invited them for lunch at our home and then I took them to Sherwood, OR to see four of our Chryslers stored there. The owner of the storage has a 1957 300C Coupe. His name is Jerry Sharp, for many years he was the 2nd largest reseller of 1955 – 1957 Ford Thunderbirds in the US. He is now retired but still has the storage and a rebuild shop and still has his dealer lic and buys T-Birds for resale. After he retired he bought 23 T-Birds from California and resold them after minor repairs etc.
We also have two in our garage, the 57 300C and 1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible.
Narve has been attending the Portland Swap Meet for many years. His friend usually buys one or more cars at the Swap meet.

Chuck Schoendorf writes:
I have a car that in 1956 received what today we'd call a crate motor, from a 300B, engine #3NE562038.  The installation was done by renown builder Bill Frick on Long Island, NY.  It appears to be a stock motor to which Frick added a McCullogh VS57A blower.  I haven't had it dyno'd or clocked but the power is quiet ample. It is quite an installation, with a rather large custom air box surrounding the 2-4's like I have never seen before. 
Bill Frick Motors was maybe 10 miles from Great Neck, in Rockville Centre. He did all sorts of creative things with engine swaps and blower installations in the 50's.  Willie, as he was called, at some point had a very bad mishap with a spinning aircraft propeller that seriously impaired his work.  I am not sure what year that was but I know he was still fine through at least 1957, when a previous owner of my car tells me he was a Frick house guest while Willie tuned and serviced it for him.
I had the blower serviced by Paradise Wheels in CA.

Here are two photos of the motor today.

Jeff Miklas writes:
I took these pics comparing 300H and 300J strut arms for a club member who was interested in changing his 62 over to 63 front brakes. I've got pictures of spindles, steering knuckles and backing plates as well. Click here.

Mike Cortel writes:
I happen to be overhauling my K's brakes and I just purchased for the front a set of Bendix wheel cylinders from Ebay. The seller has one left of each for $14.00 and free shipping. I did some research and while he has them listed for as Bendix 33506 and 33507 Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder-HEMI Front. (separate listings) they are the 1-1/8 bore the same that was on my car and matched up.
I also purchased a complete set of custom direct fit rubber brakes lines from Ebay. I am super pleased with them and they matched perfectly. Search BRAKE HOSE SET Chrysler 300 - 1963 1964 1965, seller is GoodBrakes. 

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Quirey has new items. Rear seat trunk separator board, muffler hangers, package shelf. Click here for more information.

If you like picture puzzles, here are three from our meets in 2010. Take your pick of "Front Royal Sunset",
"Front Royal Lot", or "Jack at St. Charles."
Those Were The Days

Our meet in Indiana, 1998. Chrysler provided a new Prowler and a new 300M for test drives.
Something a little different

Any guesses who made this 300?