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Issue 37 June 10, 2018
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teasers from the
Rohnert Park meet

My short-term memory is horrible,
and so is my short-term memory.

What is the difference between
bird flu and swine flu?
One requires a tweetment
and the other requires an oinkment.

The spring meet in California is over and I hear people had a good time. We are just starting to work on the event report. If you have photos to share, send to whatshisname.
Our next meet will be in September in Newport, Rhode Island, see below. You can make reservations now. If you have never been to Newport, you should take this opportunity to do it. Our last meet in Newport was 16 years ago and I am eagerly looking to make a return trip.
This newsletter is for you. Your opinions are welcome. You can click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Our Next Meet:
Fall 2018: September 9-13 in Newport, RI, hosted by Michael Falcone. You can make reservations now. Our Host Hotel is the Mainstay Hotel and Conference Center 151 Admiral Kalbfus Rd, Newport, Rhode Island 02840. Phone 401-849-9880. The special club room rate is: $100 for 1 person; $115 for 2; $139 for 3; $164 for 4 (Add 13% Tax; Breakfast Buffet per person is included). This special rate will be available only until August 12 so make your reservations before then. Click here for more information.

Future Meets:
2019: Plans are underway for two meets next year. Watch this column of future ENews editions or check the events page of our web site.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Tech Articles

Video Corner
Burgers with Burt

Fifth Episode

Burt tells of a visit by Mitsubishi to the Belvedere assembly plant, how the Japanese build cars, water leak tests. and the torsion bar failures of 1957.
Burgers with Burt

Sixth Episode

Burt continues his discussion of torsion bars from 1957, electrical issues and connectors, quality issues, the future of FCA and a story of driving the Turbine car in Detroit.
Members Say

Carlton Schroeder writes:
Restoration of the caramel H continues. I have reached the point where the dash needs attention. I had first checked the 300 bible (our Club website) and noted that Ditzler 22091 paint, but my paint supplier could not find it. In the meantime I had two other dash paint suggestions from Club members that Iím checking, and I now think Iíll ask another paint supplier about the 22091 paint, just to recheck about its availability. I'll let you know.
I got a car lift for Christmas (son-in-law Mike spearheaded that gift) so that has made 300H work much easier (see pics). I hope to see you all before too long.

Herb Ferguson writes:
I have more pictures to scan but this is one of my Dad and his Parade Green 300C at El Mirage Dry Lake around 63,64. Also someone hit the rear quarter and my Dad actually got a replacement panel from Chrysler. The black one was his buddy Jim Rice's 300C. I'm not sure which one, but one of the cars was timed by SCTA (my Dad was an SCTA member back then) at 142 mph and change. The black car if I remember right was repainted after running from the local sheriff one night (Sherriff was Jim Rice's girlfriends Dad!) and they made the flashing Ford intercepter gumball fade away into the night.....they made it home but spent the next months sanding the car down and repainting it with 14 coats of hand sanded black lacquer. I have pictures of the car after this paint job, but have not scanned yet. Long after Dad sold his 300 to Jim Rice I got another one and I found a news clipping of when he got in a fender bender with it.

Jim Rice's C.
If you look close on the picture of the black C, you can see the reflection of the green C.

Bill Elder writes:
For years inquiring minds have asked this question and itís not ďAre You Faster Then A Red NeckĒ. No itís can you get a 64 Chrysler inside a Grand Cherokee? Yes you can, at least the insides. See here. And with that, it is off to the upholstery shop for the installation of the new leather interior from Legendary.
You know, as soon as you start working on a project; you will need another tool and another tool. The solution to this problem is to just dump the entire tool box contents onto the job site. So handy in this case with all of those pesky seats out of the way. Some times , you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself.
Well as you can see the dirty job was done and I am very pleased with the results. I think the worst part was the wind lacing. I think, another time, I would have cut the old lacing off the cardboard and glued the new stuff to it. I just pierced the new edging and mounted it directly. I also have to agree with you about wrestling the shift cable back into the C bracket for the console.
Now I just have to wait for SMS to contact me for the door panels to complete the interior. It looks like we will have some driving weather next week. I am looking forward to that.

Jamie Hyde writes:

The J project continues.

Don Drakulich writes:

The Drakulich J is still alive and well.
I just drove it yesterday.

Ron Kurtz writes:
Here are "before and after" pictures of the drive shaft for the next installment of work in the continuation of the restoration of E #292.
Ball and rollers and associated parts were replaced with new ones as was the universal joint. The boot was supplied by club member Mark Sherman and the Mark Simpson video on the club's website helped getting the boot on. Use lots of grease and have lots of patience.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight

Jeff Miklas writes:
I saw that Matt Allyn had asked about heat shields for 300H engine mounts. I couldn't find a picture of them in our website technical pages so I sent him some of these pics of my H shields.

Since Jeff wrote this, a web page has been added.
Those Were The Days
Photo by Mark Love.

300F on the Pacific coastline.
Taken at the Rohnert Park meet in May.

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