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Issue 46 January, 2020
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From Dayton, 2003

Success is the sum of small efforts,
repeated day in and day out.
Most people don't think I am as old
as I am until they hear me stand up.

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Welcome to the first ENews of 2020. This is a special time as the club celebrates 50 years. We have two meets scheduled; Greenville in May and Michigan in September. Both have a great selection of activities and events. Attend one or both meets -- you won't be disappointed.
Our list server is hosted by Yahoo. You may have read about discontinued services, one of which is the option to receive email in digest form. Other than that, you should see no change in the list server. We plan to stay with Yahoo but should the need arise, we have another list server available.

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Club Events

Our Next Meet:
Spring 2020: April 22 - 26, 2020 in Greenville, South Carolina. Hosted by Tom Cox and Jim Benson, our hotel will be the Greenville Marriott, One Parkway East, Greenville, SC 29645. Call the hotel at 864-679-1183, request the Chrysler 300 Meet group rate of $135/night (plus taxes) or you can make reservations here. The deadline for hotel reservations is April 1. Click here for the meet registration form. The deadline for the registration form is April 6.
As of press time we are working on events which include a BMW plant tour and much more. Set aside vacation time so you can make this one -- it's going to be good. Click here and check future newsletters for more details.

Fall 2020: September 16 - 20 in Auburn Hills, Michigan, hosted by John Begian. The host hotel will be the Auburn Hills Marriott, 3600 Centerpoint Parkway, Pontiac, MI 48341. The Chrysler 300 Club group room rates are $109 for a guest room and $130 for a guest room with M Club Access. Reservations can be made at this link or by calling the hotel at 248-253-9800 and specifying Chrysler 300 Club. Daily event details of the event are still being developed. Check our newsletters for more information.

Future Meets:
2021: Available.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Feature Stories
300 Brothers

by Marshall Goodnight

Blasts From The Past
From newsletters of the 1970's, 80's and 90's, here are stories that haven't
seen the light of day for years and deserve another look.
I Like It Like That

by Paul Zeigler
The Story of Lady G

by Billy Korbel
Tech Articles

1964 AC Heater Control Switch Replacement

Video (15:41)
1964 Passenger Seat Back Recline Springs

Video (7:20)
J and Ram K Spark Plug Wire Stands
Letter Car Mirrors

We are looking for new technical articles. Please send whatever you think is helpful to

Members Say

Mike Laiserin writes: In the last edition of the ENews I noticed the photos of the 150mph '64 speedo and didn't see if it turned out to be a custom conversion or one-off piece with no part #. Here's a picture of a KPH speedo I found here in Arizona of all places. It ended up in Europe where it's going into a car to be of some use instead of sitting in a pile of my stuff.

John Lau writes:
Here is a link to our YouTube channel and our trip last weekend to the Petty Museum in Randleman, NC. We took our 300G and needless to say, it was well received. Enjoy!

Noel Hastalis writes:
Here is a link to pictures from the Power Big Meet in Lidkoping, Sweden. This was July 2019 and the first time I had been to this event. The number of cars was impressive and the craftsmanship on some of these was amazing.

John McAdams writes:
For those of you in southern California, I want to recommend Leon's Transmission shop. My 62 developed a problem and I had it towed to their branch at 6911 San Fernando Rd., Glendale, CA 91202. Phone (818) 844-2200. Within a short time their manager Gerard Armstrong had the problem fixed. This guy has been working on transmission for over 40 years and is a wealth of information.

Bill Elder writes:
It is time to send the door panels in my ram K to SMS. I thought that I should install the new door stars before they went, so I bought a set from the club store. Your written instructions and video were perfect. Even an unartistic klutz like me can achieve success.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight
by Jamie Hyde

Jamie Hyde has been investigating the air filter elements for the F, G, J and ram K. He find that these numbers and sources are good: WIX #42083, NAPA 2083, Purolator A30059, Hastings AF144, Federated AF 144F.

Jamie Hyde sends pictures on his rebuilt motor mounts. He sent his to Then & Now Automotive. They came back good as new, see pictures.
Then & Now offers a wide range of parts and services. Click here for their line card. They have been in business since 1973 with a great reputation for quality, service and value.
Because he never sleeps, Jamie Hyde writes: The oil pick up on my 1960 413 was damaged so I went looking for a replacement. Everywhere I looked it was shown as unavailable but I came across one for a 67 440 at Autozone and on a chance I bought it. At $11 it was worth the chance. As you can see from the pictures, it is a perfect match. I checked the Hollander Interchange and it says the same oil pan was used 1959 1964 so I'd expect this pick up will fit those years as well.
This just in, Quirey Quality Designs has come across a limited supply of brand new 2208406 Mufflers (date coded 10/61 and Pentastar stamped) these muffler supersede to 2122833. The mufflers will fit all 62-64 single exhaust V8 Dodge, Plymouth, and Chryslers, including the 300 Sport, but not wagons. They also will fit the 1964 426 Max Wedge in a dual application if you are so inclined, these are 2 1/4" in and out. Contact Todd at if your are interested and need more information. Pictures here.
Ron Kurtz writes with his update on the restoration of E #292:
Removing the dash from the car was rather easy as it is a swing-down version like other dashes. All the wires and cables were disconnected from the car and tagged. The wiring diagram from the service manual (highlighted with pencils colored pencils) is always a good back-up guide. Click for pictures here.
The wires were disconnected from the back side of the dash and also labeled to their connection points. The original tape was in poor condition and gradually removed as the cleaning and inspection of each could be done from end to end. Cable ties were used as the tape was removed to maintain to original bundling. Rubber insulation will be wrapped around the bundles where they are clamped to the dash.
The reverse side of the dash was rusted, sanded, primed and top coated with an aluminum finish.
All chrome, trim, and gauges were removed for refurbishing and polishing. The induction clamp on the ammeter snapped off during removal of the gauge and was sent to Jeff Carter for rebuilding. Excellent job. The radio, ash tray assembly and glove compartment box and door will be installed after the dash is back in place.

Marshall Goodnight writes:
Several years ago I located a CD with quite a bit of good information from Carter regarding descriptions, parts, and service of WCFB carburetors used by Chrysler on some of the dual four barrel carburetor applications. Maybe this information can be helpful for some of our club members.
Marshall's information is located in the fuel section of our tech page, items 27 through 32.
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones. Take your pick of "Fuel Injected D emblem", "B in Red", or "Special Order."
Those Were The Days

You know it is going to be one of those days when
this is what it takes to remove your brake drum.