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Issue 38 August 3, 2018
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From the spring meet

If 2/2/22 falls on a Tuesday,
you have to call it "2's Day."

If a tin whistle is made of tin,
what is a fog horn made of?
In the last issue, we asked if you noticed anything wrong with the main picture.
Don Verity and Don Warnaar got it -- the fuel filter was installed backwards.
The deadline for the fall meet in Newport is approaching. If you are on the fence about going, now is the time to make plans. I hope you will decide to attend. You'll be glad you did.
The meet report for the California meet is completed. Click here for the cars, the people, the events and the scenery of our spring meet.
This newsletter is for you. Let us know what you'd like to see. Your opinions are always welcome. Click here for the feedback form.
Club Events

Our Next Meet:

Fall 2018: September 9-13 in Newport, RI, hosted by Michael Falcone. Our Host Hotel is the Mainstay Hotel and Conference Center 151 Admiral Kalbfus Rd, Newport, Rhode Island 02840. Phone 401-849-9880. The special club room rate is $100 for 1 person; $115 for 2; $139 for 3; $164 for 4 (add 13% tax; breakfast buffet per person is included). This special rate will be available only until August 12 so make your reservations now. Click here for more information.

Future Meets:
2019: For next year, plans are being made for a spring meet in Texas and a July meet in Minnesota. We will have more information as it becomes available.

For more information, contact Ray Jones at or
Carlton Schroeder at
Tech Articles
John Grady reviews 1958 Fuel Injection
Astradome gauge replacement on the 300H

Video (6:14)
Instrument Panel Service book from 1961
Testing and replacement of dash gauges
Plymouth, Chrysler, Imperial, DeSoto.
We are looking for new technical articles. Please send what you think
is helpful to

Video Corner
Polishing scratches on a K console

Video (6:56)
Bill Elder writes:
Here is a link to a You Tube video that covers the Belle river car show. The whole thing takes place on main street, about 4 blocks from my house. My K makes an appearance around the 5:50 mark.
Video (10:24)
Members Say

Nigel Wright writes:
Here are some pictures of my 62 Sport 300 convertible. I had seats made using the leather I bought from Gary Goers, a new dash pad from Just Dashes, a restored steering wheel from Gary Steering Restoration. The dash has been painted, the radio is a conversion with USB, Bluetooth etc, new carpeting, some rechromed dash pieces.

Bob Hayes writes:
I had my L out for a drive, came back and decided to change the oil and filter as I have done a zillion times over the years. I started it up with the new oil and filter to see a big pool of oil under the car. A look showed the new oil filter was leaking so I got another new one and put it on, started the engine to find another pool of oil. After some head scratching I replaced the oil pump with a new one and the problem went away. I am thinking the pressure relief valve stuck in the old pump -- one of those strange things. Now I need motor mounts.
Motor mounts for the L are a one year only item. You can get new ones from Schumacher Creative Services. Murray Park is a dealer for their products.

Don Cole writes:
I have ordered ten more sets of the 1963 and 1964 Ram heat pipes. They should be arriving in the next two weeks. They will cost about $350 a set with shipping included. If you need a set please contact me. Email here.

Jeff Miklas writes:
I made these home made Dolly Wheels to fit my '62 300. If you have a car with the front suspension off the sub frame, these make it simple to still move the car around.
I bought two dolly wheels from a local "Tractor Supply" store. At the time they were relatively inexpensive at less than $22 each.

Click here to read the full story

Keith Boonstra writes:
Thank you to all who helped regarding the power steering hose for the 57s which have the Thompson PS pumps. I have good news. After much sleuthing we arrived at a consensus of what would constitute an "original" configuration for this hose. I have one, and I submitted it along with an order to copy it to Thermo King in Grand Rapids. I just received their rendition of it and installed it, and I have to say I am very satisfied with the final result.
There are some minor differences in the appearance of this new hose in comparison to my original, but they are fairly inconsequential and hardly noticed without calling attention to it. The fittings are a little different style, and also the hoses are made of tougher materials that have a slightly smaller outside diameter by 1/8 and 1/16". Click here for pictures.
For those interested, I can tell you I paid $141 plus shipping, and Thermo King says that it would be the same price even if a combined order for, say, 10 units was placed at one time. So you could figure your cost with shipping might be $160.
Although I will be willing to submit my original sample hose to Thermo King again to be copied for others - and I would help coordinate a first order for several of these - I would not want to "go in the business" of power steering hose reproduction. Any future orders for singles would have to be handled directly by the person with Thermo King. Turnaround on this would only be a couple of weeks. Any takers?

Thermo King Michigan
955 - 76th St. SW
Byron Center, MI 49315
Attn: Jeff or Joshua
Phone 616.878.4900

Terry McTaggart writes:
For those of you who might want to touch up the tan interior paint for 300D/300C/300F/ 300G, the color is "Arizona Beige" DuPont paint code 45195-D. I used on my 300D and I couldn't tell where the new paint started and the original paint ended.

John Grady writes:
Bob Walker of Hot Heads Research & Racing is nothing short of fantastic on anything hemi. He really is Mr. Early Hemi. Three items of particular interest to us are an adapter block to put common 360 fuel pumps (ethanol resistant) on our hemi. You do not want NOS rare fuel pumps with rubber that melts and cracks.
Bob also has a beautifully made aluminum core plug that holds by a mechanical toggle and O ring. Blown core plugs are a horror show. Minutes is all you get before overheat, wrecking engine. Coolant dumps 100% in 20 seconds. Ask me how I know; it is a common problem.
The third item is a machined aluminum adapter to put a modern spin on high tech filter (current Mopar is best ); 60 years of filter evolution instead of the leaky messy can. As a club we should support Hot Heads all we can. In my opinion, Bob Walker is as critical a guy in the long term as Gary Goers. Plus he is a great guy who cares and will help you. His prices are excellent. He has rebuilt 392 starters too. You may know he came in second in the engine masters challenge with an overbored 354 that made 660 hp at only 5500 rpm yet idled nicely etc. This engine used his aluminum cylinder heads which he makes from scratch so he uses the stuff himself, not just sells it, and he knows what works. Plus he has a hemi only swap board and a tech question board.
Let's go out of our way to heavily support the real good guy! Hot Heads Research & Racing, Inc., 276 Walker's Hollow Trail, Lowgap, NC 27024. Bob Walker Phone: (336) 352-4866 Fax: (336) 352-3892. E-mail:

Ron Kurtz writes:
Enclosed are "before" and "after" photos of the struts and sway bar.
The restoration of E #292continues with the refurbishment and painting of all parts on this car. Parts are laid out to be sure they are all there. All bushings needed to be replaced, several reproduced by Gary Goers from a few years back. The planning of the restoration was outlined so parts could be ordered ahead of time and be in stock when needed. Also, if the wrong parts were supplied, there would be sufficient time to get the correct ones to avoid any delays in the restoration process.
I decided to go with a color scheme different than all black. Eastwood provides a line of color (for example, cast iron gray) that are durable and have a long lasting quality.

Write us with whatever might be on your mind.
Restoration Spotlight

Jamie Hyde gave the following report at the spring meet:

Michael Burke provided a can of the correct gold paint that the club store used to stock for the air cleaner housings. Bill Hirsch has agreed to make and sell this paint so we once again will have a source.

John Begian is working to repop the Ram power steering pressure hoses and will have an update at the fall meet.

Jamie reported that Legendary Interiors is finishing the first set of the J seat and carpet project. Legendary has started the project to make F, G, and H seats as a stock catalog item. Look for an update on these projects at the fall meet.

Tony Rinaldi writes:
This has been quite a learning experience regarding these 1961-63 15” x 6” letter car wheels. Many have changed contributed photos and info. They are acknowledged at the end. And the good news is that replacements are readily available.
These letter cars shared their wheels with the same years of Chrysler Enforcer Police Cars. The Chrysler Enforcers were meant as a happy median with less high end yet good low end performance and better gas mileage in the city than the letter cars of these years. They had 325 hp 383 cu in engines with special cams. See link.
These police cars used dog dish center caps that required clips on the wheels. Original wheels for the letter cars have been documented with and without these clips on the wheels. Without the clips there were no provisions to hold on a center cap. Of course, the letter cars ran full wheel covers. Possibly, the clip-less wheels were meant for the spare tire? See link.
An almost exact replacement wheel is already made by Wheel Vintiques and sold direct or thru Summit Racing, Coker Tire & others. They are Series 63 (Mopar Standard Steel Wheel) 15X6 OE CHRYSLER BLACK | 5X4.5" BOLT | 3.75" BACKSPACE $108 including Powder Coating. Wheel Vintiques SKU: 63-5612334. See links here and here.
Stockton Wheel will continue to make the stronger “radial tire” wheels for ‘57-‘65 Chryslers that ran 14” wheels both in 14” x 7” and 15” x 7” that accept 14” original hubcaps. I will announce new formal part numbers and pricing, from them, in the near future.
Thanks to the following members for sharing their photos and experiences: Bob Merritt, Rick Clapham, Andy Mikonis, Pete Fitch, Doug Warrener, Jeff Miklas & Bob Jasinski.
If you like picture puzzles, here are new ones.
Take your pick of "Bill Allen On The Road", "Letter Cars By The Ocean", or "Export C."
Those Were The Days

From the Macungie meet, 2015.
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